19 May 2010

Waders on Wednesday-Great Egret Fishing

Today's wader on Wednesday comes from Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  A bunch of great egrets were fishing in a ditch near the end of the refuge.  They were so focused on catching some of the schools of small minnows that I was easily able to stalk very close then sit taking pictures as they followed the schools back and forth in front of me.  I captured this egret in mid-strike and I love the way his eye is still in focus under the plume of water.  This image was taken only with the bright afternoon light, no flash.  I did use a graduated filter setting in Lightroom to take some brown glare off the foreground tannin-rich water where the sun was striking it at an angle.

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  1. Such a cool shot! I love the dunking head, the reflection, the black and white contrast. Great job.

  2. Thanks Robert. The contrast was due to the white bird being in full sun and most of the dark water and opposite bank in deep shade. Ideal conditions.

  3. Wonderful capture with that great splash of water coming up round the neck.

  4. fantastic action shot especially with the reflection