07 July 2010

St. Augustine Part II-Waders in Flight

For today's Waders on Wednesday I'd like to present some more images from my recent trip to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm wading bird rookery.  Just a reminder that this is a natural rookery found in their naturalistic American Alligator exhibit.  None of the wading birds pictured here are captive.  I got several flight shots of the adult roseate spoonbills (Platalea ajaja) that started nesting at the rookery this year.  I have enough shots for at least one more installment from St. Augustine, but I've got some more editing to do first.  In the meantime, enjoy these flight shots!  I find doing flight shots at the rookery really fun and challenging (especially with the limited autofocus capabilities of my old Rebel Xti).  It really is a skill and the rookery is a great place to get lots of practice.  You could devote yourself entirely to flight shots for an entire day and not get bored.  Sadly, my percentage of keepers is still pretty low, but I hope to continue to work on my flight photography skills as I wait to upgrade to a better AF system.

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St. Augustine Flight Shots - Images by Elijah Goodwin


  1. Thanks Kerri. I appreciate the kind comments. I still don't think I've captured a slam dunk roseate spoonbill flight shot, but that gives me something to look forward to/work on next year...

  2. What a shot ! It's an absolute beauty !
    And to see such one in pink is quite amazing - we have the same here ... but they are just white ;)