25 August 2010

Waders on Wednesday-Final Post from the St. Augustine Rookery

I think this will be the final post from my early summer trip to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm wading bird rookery.  It was a very productive trip, but I can't decide whether I enjoyed this year more in June with all the young birds and the feeding behavior, or my trip the previous year in March with the nesting, courting, and mating behavior.  Not being a big fan of heat and humidity, I have to say that the March trip has the weather going for it.  Some day I'll have to finagle a late April/early May trip, but it just doesn't usually work with my school schedule.

I hope you enjoy the images.  As always, click on an image to visit a larger version on my main website, learn more about the photo, and to see purchasing options.  I also love to hear your feedback.  If you ever have a chance to visit the SAAF rookery, I highly recommend it.  It is an incredible spectacle and the surrounding area is great too (I also recommend camping at the nearby Anastasia State Park, a great birding destination in and of itself).  If you are a photographer, look into the SAAF photo pass program, which is well worth it for the opportunity to arrive early, and especially, stay late.  If you end up visiting the park on multiple days or several times during the season, it is even more cost effective.


  1. Once again, fabulous post and photos! St. Augustine Rookery looks like a wonderful place to visit. A pleasure to view your terrific blog!

  2. Gorgeous shots of fledgling snowy egret and tricolored heron!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments Hilke, Beverly, and Julie. Julie it is an amazing place to visit, I highly recommend it if you ever get down that way. It is a reasonable (although brutal) driving distance for me, so that makes a once (hopefully twice next year)a year trip doable.