05 November 2010

Scavenger Hunt Print Giveaway!

To celebrate the closing month of my favorite season (Autumn) Whimbrel Nature Photography will be giving away two free signed 8x12 prints of the winners' choice in my first annual Autumn Scavenger Hunt contest.  Contest entries will be due by midnight (EST) November 26, 2010.  Each of the two winners will receive one 8x12 signed print of their choice from the Whimbrel Nature Photography online galleries.

Here are the rules for entry:

A. You must either be a follower of the blog or a fan (like) of the Whimbrel Nature Photography Facebook page.  Both current and new fans/followers are eligible for the contest, so sign-up to become one if you aren't already.  Relatives of Whimbrel Nature Photography will not be eligible for this contest (but contact me to find out about your own family version of the contest).

B. You must email Whimbrel Nature Photography with answers to the following Autumn Scavenger Hunt questions by midnight (EST) on November 26, 2010.  Please be sure to put "Autumn Scavenger Hunt" as the subject line of the email and include your full name somewhere in the email.  The answers to these questions will be found by exploring the galleries at www.bestnatureimages.com.

Here are the Scavenger Hunt Questions:
1.  Which animal featured in the galleries (common name is fine) has the lowest core body temperature ever recorded in a mammal; actually supercooling its body to -3° C for short periods during hibernation?

2.  Which plant’s superhydrophobic (water-repelling) leaf has been copied to produce water repellent and self-cleaning products in a process known as biomimicry?

3.  Which two Alcid species are featured extensively in my Seabird and Gulls gallery?

4.  How many species of wading birds pictured in the galleries have the same genus name (Egretta) but are called herons or egrets depending on their color?

5.  In which National Park were my Christmas fern fiddlehead images made?

6.  Which species of dragonfly was caught by a yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) in my spider gallery?

7.  Bubble Rock in Acadia National Park is what type of geological feature?

8.  In my close-up image of a blue bottle fly, what species of plant is it pictured on?

9.  How easy did you find it to find the answers above?  How easy/hard was it to navigate the site?  What would make it easier?

10.  What product and/or images would you most like to see Whimbrel Nature Photography offer in the future?

On November 28, 2010, two entries will be selected at random from all the correct/complete (or most correct/complete) scavenger hunt answers received.  Winners will be announced on the blog and also emailed.  Your email addresses will not be collected or used for any other purpose than contacting the winners of the contest.

Good luck!  If you have any questions about the contest please leave a comment below and check back for a reply.

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