05 December 2010

Chincoteague Was Hot!

Actually it was quite cold temperature-wise, but the bird/photography/scenery action was incredible when I went to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge last weekend.  Lots of waders and lots of ducks, geese, and swans.  I've been so swamped this week with end of the semester work, that this is the first chance I've had to get a few images completely processed and up on the website.  Enjoy these samples and know that more are coming.  Hopefully I can get some images up daily this week.  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and if you have the chance to get out to Chincoteague in the next couple of months, I definitely recommend you make every effort to go!  As always, click on any image to go to an enlarged version or to purchase.

A great egret (Ardea alba) fishing at sunset crosses into the shade and casts a reflection

A ring-billed gull (Larus delawarensis) flies over a feeding frenzy of gulls and egrets chasing a small group of fish

A great egret (Ardea alba) takes flight from a fishing spot near sunset

A male northern pintail (Anas acuta) stretches its wings in the late afternoon sun

A great egret (Ardea alba) fishing at sunset catches a small fish and the action is reflected in the water

A long exposure of a restless snow goose (Chen caerulescens) flock at twilight

Twilight reflected in Toms Cove seen through marsh grass


  1. These are SUPER! This is the kind of "sight seeing" I like to do when I'm out :)

  2. A most lovely series! Each and every one of them are a feast for the eyes. All are outstanding. I'm especially fond of the reflection images and pintail stretching its wings. Beautiful work ... as always!

  3. Breathtaking imagery! You've got 'the eye' for beauty in all things.