18 February 2011

More Images From Ocean City

Well, I seem destined to post my Ocean City images piecemeal, so I might as well give in to the inevitable.  Here are a few more images from the same morning as my previous two posts.  This first image is another High Dynamic Range image from underneath the fishing pier at the Ocean City Inlet.  This image is a two part HDR.  First I processed the image in Photomatix Pro using three images exposed at +/- 2 stops, but I didn't like how the sunrise sky turned out in the Photomatix version.  The sky was way too noisy and muted, so using Photoshop I masked in the sky in the central area from my -2 stop exposure.

The second image is of sea foam on the winter beach just after a wave had retreated.  I like the contrast of the  wave sculpted beach vs. the wind sculpted beach with the line of foam and dark shadows from the rising sun separating them.  This image gave me an idea for a new photo project depicting the interaction of the elements.  This one depicts the interaction of water, earth, and air.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I've got to run for work.  Happy Friday!