01 March 2011

Sunrise, Sunset...

Here are a few more images from my trip to the Eastern Shore on February 20th. The first image is sunrise on the beach at Chincoteague NWR and the next two are from sunset at Blackwater NWR in Cambridge, MD. Some low-level storm clouds (nimbostratus) moved in right at sunset and the actual sunset was not visible. Luckily there was a small band of relatively clear sky that remained to the south and to the east. That, combined with the glass-like calm water providing perfect reflections, added some visual interest and dramatic lighting to the scene.  In the second image, smoke can be seen from wildfires burning near the refuge.  I drove right past one of these wildfires earlier in the day during my travels.  Hope you enjoy!

Eastern Shore- Feb 20 - Images by Elijah Goodwin


  1. Absolutely stunning images, Elijah!

  2. Very well captured! I'm glad to "discover" your blog. It's always a pleasure to find like minded souls.....Thanks for sharing your vision and skills!