10 April 2011

Denali Wildfire Sky

I'm still working on a post about red-winged blackbirds and their song that will include audio and spectrograms. However, the sound editing/digitizing is taking longer than I had hoped, especially since I'm having trouble staying awake at night to get it done.  So, in the meantime, here is another previously unpublished image from my Denali trip in July of 2009.  This image was actually taken from a gas station in the Denali Park Business District (just outside the park entrance).  I had left the park to fuel-up and get some supplies one early evening and the smoke from several large wildfires had drifted heavily into town.  As I gassed up, I realized how the smoke made the early evening sky look like sunset and caused the nearby ridges to differentiate nicely from each other.  By using a 70-200mm zoom lens, I was able to compress the stacked ridges and make the sun look as big as it seemed.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!