25 April 2011

Early Spring Wildflowers Part II-Turkey Run Park

After the successful trips during the week of my last post, I was able to get back to Turkey Run Park on the weekend and do some more photography of the spectacular wildflower display there.  The bluebells were starting to go past and so was most of the Dutchman's breeches, but the squirrel corn (Dicentra canadensis) was still going strong and the toadshade (Trillium sessile) was just about at peak.  The Potomac River was cresting from a wave of thunderstorms and the Potomac Heritage Trail was submerged in places (including the crossing at Turkey Run).  Many of the bluebells along the banks had been submerged or were valiantly bobbing in the muddy current.  Still one of the best wildflower displays I've seen locally.  Here are some of my favorite images from that day.  I hope to get out to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park this coming weekend to photograph large-flowered trillium and other wildflowers there, so hopefully I'll have some more wildflower posts coming soon... Thanks for visiting and enjoy the images.  As always, click on the fullscreen icon for the best experience.  iPhone and iPad users please click on the static image to visit an "iFriendly" version of the slideshow.

Turkey Run Park-April 17 - Images by Elijah Goodwin


  1. Ohh ... so many lovely images, Elijah! Don't you just love spring? Looking forward to your future wildflower posts!

  2. Such beautiful images of these spring wildflowers. You did a great job getting some dark backdrops to really make the blooms stand out!

  3. Thanks very much Julie and Pat. Glad you enjoyed the images.