14 May 2011

Happy Migratory Bird Day!

Happy International Migratory Bird Day to all! I will get out for a trip tomorrow, but luckily I have a party at a house on the Chesapeake Bay this afternoon. With any luck, I'll get to enjoy some migrants while I'm at the party.  In celebration, here is an image of a barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) I photographed at Bombay Hook NWR last April.  While a few barn swallows winter in the southern part of the US range, most migrate to Central and South America.


  1. Beautiful photo! The colors are so vivid!!

  2. Perfection! The gorgeous feather colors really stand out against the green background. Fantastic detail. Outstanding capture!

  3. Thanks Beverly and Julie. @Julie, I really lucked out with that background. There was some kind of cover crop coming up and it was this beautiful green with some gold highlights.