05 June 2011

Delaware Shore: Fox Kits and Nesting Osprey

This is the next post in the series from my two recent trips to the Delaware Bay to photograph the horseshoe crab spawning and shorebird migration.  While late spring in this region is famous for the spawning and migration, there is a lot of frenetic spring activity happening besides what occurs on the beaches.  There is still a pretty strong tide of migratory bird species pushing through and resident species are busy attracting mates, setting up house, and raising young.  Today's post deals with two of those common resident (at least during the breeding season in one case) species.  First a pair of osprey (Pandion haliaetus) bring sticks to their nest-in-progress along Port Mahon Road.  Next some images of this year's red fox (Vulpes vulpes) kits at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, which are spending a lot of time playing outside the den now.  Also included in the slide show is an adult vixen (female red fox), presumably the mother or at least a female subordinate belonging to the family group shown here.  This female was busy crossing the refuge back and forth throughout the day hunting, until she paused momentarily to scratch an itch.  As always, view the slideshow full screen for the best experience and click on any image to be taken to my main website where the images can be purchased as prints, cards, or personal use downloads (suitable for use as computer wallpaper etc...) and licensed for publishing.

Look for one final post in this series, as well as an exciting post from today in Shenandoah National Park coming very soon...

Delaware Bay May 2011-2 - Images by Elijah Goodwin


  1. Awesome Osprey images! Sweet kit :) Enjoyed your slide show Elijah.

  2. How did I miss this wonderful post? Fantastic captures of the Osprey with nesting material! Love the foxes too! As always, a joy to view your outstanding photographs.