19 November 2011

Postlude To The Afternoon Of A Fawn

Shenandoah June 23 - Images by Elijah Goodwin

Here are some more images that I've been sitting on since this summer. These images were taken during a late June outing to Shenandoah National Park. The morning was overcast and rainy, so the sunrise turned out to be pretty much a dud, but the rest of the day was quite lovely.  I had a wonderful time playing in and around Dark Hollow Falls and then the fawn activity around Big Meadows turned out to be incredible.  Believe it or not, most of these images (except the few of the twins together and bedding down) are of different fawns found in different locations.  Finally, I rounded out the day with a very windy (and nerve-racking) evening on top of Little Stony Man for sunrise and civil twilight, and then, with a barely functioning flashlight, almost ran smack into two bears tearing apart a log for ants or termites on my way back down to the car.  Enjoy!  If you are viewing on an iPhone or iPad, please don't forget to click on the static image you see here to see the entire slideshow (sorry for the inconvenience; I'm working on it).


  1. Really nice photos. Spent yesterday at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge Grasslands Fair. Raffled one of my photos to benefit the Friends of BANWR.
    Can't wait to head to areas with water again. Very dry here.


  2. Wonderful!! I especially love the images of the fawns!