10 January 2013


I was finally able to get out on a quick trip to Huntley Meadows in Alexandria, VA over our school break. I was originally headed out to Great Falls, but I got to the parking lot just before sunrise to realize I'd accidentally left my tripod at home (the perils of not being in practice, it used to always reside in my car). So I ran back home to grab my tripod and proceeded to Huntley Meadows instead. It was pretty quiet and the light was pretty iffy at that point, but there were lots of geese flying back and forth. So once again, I decided to make the most of the photographic time given to me, and did a lot of geese actions shots.

For whatever reason (at least partially because of the light) I decided to play around with giving these images a classic black and white (antique-like) look. Including playing around with some split toning. Here are a few of my favorites and I'll post a few more in the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Glad to hear you're getting out. Love the image of the goose. Just received my ND filter and am headed to Sabino Canyon tomorrow to shoot flowing water. Haven't seen a cougar yet but they are active in the canyon so I'm hopeful.