26 January 2014

New Year, Big Changes

Ice Over Stream, Great Falls National Park, VA - Copyright 2014 Whimbrel Nature

We've reached the beginning of another year. Rather than a list of resolutions that I may or may not be able to follow through on due to my continuing health issues, here is a list of some of the big goals and changes that are already afoot for Whimbrel Nature this year and those I hope to accomplish.

1. As you may have noticed, I've begun a major overhaul of the blog and the Whimbrel Nature website. The overhaul of the blog is pretty much complete, and as you may have noticed, the blog is now located at blog.bestnatureimages.com in line with the domain of the main website. Most of the cosmetic changes to the website are complete, but I'll be doing a lot more work on the content of the website; updating the portfolio galleries, adding new images, adding other media content, and editing the archived images.

2. Renewed commitment to telling stories, rather than just producing "one off" images. While I love producing great individual works of art, that celebrate the beauty of the natural world, I'm really most interested in telling stories about the natural world and science.

3. Producing more video and audio content in addition to still images and stories. This seems to be where the industry is heading as a whole and it gives me exciting opportunities to tell stories in a more compelling way and to incorporate more of my experience in bioacoustics.

4. Renewed commitment to publishing.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it is a fulfilling and productive one.

Ice Fracture Patterns, Huntley Meadows Park, VA - Copyright 2014 Whimbrel Nature

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