09 December 2014

Scratching The Itch

Patterns in a sand wash from a draining tidal pool. Canon 7D, Tokina 11-16mm, ISO 100, f/22, 1.3 sec

With Thanksgiving and a spate of cloudy, windy, rainy days, I hadn't been able to get out for photography for a bit. It was driving me crazy. I find more and more, that I can't stand going this long without creating something. I get antsy, and anxious. I have trouble concentrating on anything else. Playing around with old images can sate my need for creative expression temporarily, but there is nothing like going out and photographing something new. Seeing the world with fresh eyes and creating order from the chaos.

How about you? Do you constantly feel the need to scratch a creative itch?


  1. BTW, photographed at sunrise at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. Saw a lot of great wildlife that day, but between location, distance, and lighting, none of it made for good images. Still wonderful to see though!

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