09 May 2010

Macro Monday-Deadly Beauty

Today's macro image is of Mountain Death Camas (Zygadenus elegans) growing on a scree slope on Stony Dome, Denali National Park, Alaska.  This is a highly poisonous plant that contains a potent alkaloid and the bulbs can be confused with the bulbs of edible species.  As little as two bulbs, raw or cooked can be fatal.  Death occurs from heart failure and/or respiratory failure.  However, this species is less deadly than its relative Meadow Death Camas (Zygadenus venenosus).


  1. What a great name for a flower and very descriptive! Interesting info about it and lovely shot.

  2. Thanks Kerry! As a biology and forensic science teacher by day, poisonous plants fascinate me and give me a hook to get my kids interested in the biology behind the poisons actions.