22 August 2010

Sunday Sunrise-Elk Neck State Park, MD

I spent much of Saturday preparing for an upcoming gallery show, so I didn't have time to create the Adirondack post that I wanted to for today. Instead, I'll say good morning to you with this recent sunrise image from Rogues Harbor in Elk Neck State Park, MD.  Elk Neck State Park in located on a pennisula that juts out into the northern Chesapeake Bay between the North East and Elk Rivers. I photographed this sunrise the morning I went to see the Sandhill Crane featured in a previous post. I'd never been to Elk Neck State Park before, and unfortunately didn't have much time to explore it post-sunrise on this particular morning, but it looks like a promising location. Indeed this is one of my favorite sunrise images I've taken to date. Enjoy and I hope you have a relaxing Sunday morning.

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  1. Oh my ...... I don't think there are words to describe this one. AWESOME just doesn't say enough. WOWZA!

  2. Gorgeous setting and perfect timing!