26 January 2011

More Images of Ice

In celebration of the snow day, I thought I'd post some more images of ice coated objects that I've been sitting on for quite a while.  These images were taken back in 2008 on a very bitterly cold (but gratifying) December evening.  I'd decided to spend the afternoon/evening checking out Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge in Rock Hall, MD after a pretty uneventful day further south on the Eastern Shore.  Photographically the initial part of my exploration didn't turn out much better than the earlier part of my day.  However, just before sunset, I decided to follow some trails near the refuge butterfly garden down to the shore of the bay.  I found a bonanza of winter macro images.  A great collection of shells had washed up on the frozen sand from the winter waves.  Also, the sea spray crashing over the jetties that protected the beach from erosion had frozen like thick cake icing over the tops of the jetties and the grass and logs behind them, creating some pretty geometric patterns.  These two images are my favorites from the evening.  One, a close-up of the bent ice-covered grass stems lit with the setting sun juxtaposed against the dark shaded side of the jetty.  The second, a landscape taken just after sunset with the ice coated grasses in the foreground.  Enjoy these images and then get out there and enjoy the beauty that winter has to offer.  Depending on where you live, that beauty may be grand and easy to find, or it may be more subtle, but trust me, it is out there.