09 August 2011

Green Heron Fishing

Well, I'm back!  Phew... I disappeared off the radar for the past couple weeks to do some intensive photo work for my daughter's dive team, but at last I've emerged from the pile of dive images and I'm very ready to start posting nature images again.  Of course, I've now got a busy schedule and ~5 trips of images to process, upload, and share.  So, my plan is to make smaller posts, more often, rather than let another week or two go by to make some huge posts.  I'll start with some images from July and a wonderful morning spent at Huntley Meadows park in Alexandria, VA.  I was able to get close to a green heron (Butorides virescens) that was fishing on and around a beaver lodge right next to the boardwalk.  Here is a series of him fishing, swallowing a fish, and then perching on the top of the lodge.  Enjoy!

Green Heron Fishing-Huntley Meadows - Images by Elijah Goodwin