10 August 2011

Macros Galore: Part I

On my last several trips I've taken a lot of macro images.  Macro photography was one of the first areas of nature photography that I got into when I started photographing in high school and is still one of my favorite types of image to make.  Back then I learned most of what I know about macro nature photography from reading and re-reading John Shaw's classic book "Close-ups In Nature".  Despite the digital revolution, this book is still as useful and comprehensive as it was back then.  If you are interested in macro photography, improving your macro technique, or even just starting out in nature photography, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.  I still thumb through mine as a reference or for inspiration today.

My next couple of posts will feature some of my recent macro images.  This first set is all from a July trip to Huntley Meadows.  The same trip where I photographed the green heron featured in my last post.  Enjoy and come back for more posts next week...

[Just a reminder, iPhone and iPad users click on the static image to see the slideshow!]

Huntley Meadows Macro - Images by Elijah Goodwin


  1. Ooh, fabulous macro images! They all are fantastic but my favorites are the frog covered in duckweed and the beautiful dewdrop images. Awesome series! I will have to check out the John Shaw book you recommended. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Beverly and Julie. Julie definitely check out that John Shaw book. I learned a ton from reading his books and looking at his images.