24 August 2011

Macros Galore: Part III

I'll call this final installment "Mountain Macros" as these images were all taken at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Canaan Valley in West Virginia, or the Bear Rocks Preserve at Dolly Sods in West Virginia.  Most of these images (especially the Shenandoah ones) were taken when the lighting conditions were perfect for macro photography.  Either an overcast day or by early morning light.  The only problem then (especially with flowers) is waiting for the wind or slight breezes to stop blowing your subject around so you can get a sharp image.  If this happens to you, try using a wind baffle (a reflector or your own body for instance) or get a plant clamp.  I have the McClamp which is also available through Amazon.  The plant clamp end is lined with a rubberized foam and is very gentle on foliage.  Often times it is too much trouble to set up or the wind is too strong for it to make any difference, I often prefer good ol' fashioned patience, but in a pinch it can make the difference between a sharp shot and hours of frustration.

Enjoy the images and come back soon for some non-macro images from all these destinations I've been featuring in the last several posts...

July Mountain Macros - Images by Elijah Goodwin

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  1. Absolute perfection! Outstanding macro images, every single one of them. The colors, details and sharpness in the photographs can't be beat. There is just something about dew drop photos. Beautiful work, as always!