05 November 2011

A Return To Posting...

Gorilla Black and White - Images by Elijah Goodwin

Some have rightly wondered if I've dropped off the planet.  And some have wondered if I'm posting anymore and if I will again.  The short answer is yes, I'm still posting and will again.  The long answer is that I started a new day job in late August and although I'm loving my new gig very much, it has required a lot of time and effort that has taken time away from my other love, nature photography.  I moved to a new school this year, and I'm now teaching 8th Grade Physical Science, instead of high school biology, so I've been kept pretty busy refreshing my memory on all the chemistry and physics I haven't been exposed to in years.  I love my new job, my school, my colleagues, and my students, so given the relatively unfamiliar territory and my desire to do my best teaching possible, I've found myself with little free time and generally too exhausted to do much when I do have some free time.  I'm still getting out (although somewhat less frequently) for photo trips, but the editing and posting time is what is really taking a hit.

I realize how important it is to keep your blog, webpage, and twitter content fresh and what an SEO hit not posting regularly can be, but this year is just going to have to be slow as I adjust to the new employment territory.  I will put a real effort into posting regularly, but I hope my readers will bear with me if things are a bit more sporadic than usual this year.

Given that Saturday traffic is generally low, I've started out with some old images from the National Zoo.  I found myself playing with these images last night and really enjoying making them into black and whites, so this is a special treat for those dedicated Saturday readers.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating/editing them.  I should have a recent post from Shenandoah National Park up on Monday.  Have a great weekend and make sure to get outdoors!


  1. Great to see you back! What an awesome capture!

  2. Elijah, you have captured the personalities of these magnificent creatures in your outstanding photographs. Love the lighting. Great work, as always!

    Sounds as if your life has changed quite a bit recently. So glad to read that you are enjoying your new job position, students, etc.

    Your work is always an inspiration not matter how often you post!

  3. Thanks Kerri and Julie. It is great to be back!

  4. that big guy flipped me a bird one time. he looked really pissed off. i won't go back in the large primate house.

  5. That's funny Phil. I wonder if he learned that from imitating some less than charming patrons, if it was just a coincidence, or if one of the keepers thought it would be funny to teach him.